Canticle Music Ministry

Founders (1973):  

Gerald Vrazel, Shelley (Finnorn) Vrazel, and Allen Reimer

Canticle is the music group who sings at the 11:30 AM Mass every Sunday.

Canticle History

Somewhere in the winter of 1973 a small group of people with a common love of music came together to make a “joyful noise” for the Lord. None were musical virtuosos, nor did any of them have phenomenal singing voices… but their common bond and enthusiasm, coupled with the grace of God enabled them to present a musical message of His love to the apparent pleasure of millions … , maybe thousands - well, at least a couple of dozen of their closest friends. But as time passed, their fledgling ministry began to attract new members. All came with good hearts, a love of the Lord and sometimes (even) with musical talents. It appears that God blessed their efforts with a type of ‘gift of tongues’… no matter how the group actually sounded, the congregation always seemed to hear beautiful melodies. No amount of frustrations, equipment malfunctions, wrong turns, flat tires, hurricanes or other devilish deeds could dim their joyous presentations.

As the weeks and months turned into years and decades CANTICLE grew, adding members, losing some, but always gaining something positive from each member’s emotional investment. Sometimes they sing with only 2 or 3 musicians ("…where 2 or 3 are gathered in My Name, I am there amongst them…"), other times with as many as 15, but always with joy in their hearts, peace in their souls and the love of Jesus Christ as expressed in their continuing ministry, A Song of God.